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Rental Tool Service
We supply rental equipment and services for drilling, completion and well control for use on your smallest workover project to your deepest drilling operations.
Rental Tool Service line includes:
  • Drill pipe
  • Heavy and Spiral Weight drill pipe
  • Drill collars
  • Drill steam accessories and handling tools
  • Blowout preventers and accessories
  • Valve and manifold equipment
  • Tubing, tubing accessories and handling equipment
  • Stabilizers
  • Roller reamers

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Crew Management Service
Petroblend is also one of the leading 'Total Integrated Crew Management' company catering to the Oil & Gas industry in Middle East and India, offering comprehensive selection, training and deployment services for positions and roles across the Oil & Gas and Marine industry. We understand the different phases of an Oil and Gas project and are able to deliver the manpower required in a short period of time. Our services include technical manpower and crew management services for oil rigs, drill ships, gas pipeline, production platforms, vessels, corrosion management, maintenance, repairs and overhauling for the upstream and marine industries.

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Equipment Rental Services
In Order to support our clients we have a rental section to supply various types of equipments. Solving equipment shortages, downtime, production demands & no long term commitments are just a few reasons why our equipment rental is good option for your temporary equipment requirements.

Our equipment includes, but is not limited to be following:
  • Lifting Equipment: Tower Cranes, Mobile Hydraulic Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Telescopic Material Handlers, Forklifts, Construction Hoists, Man Lifts.
  • Earth Moving Equipment: Dozers, Graders, Loaders, Rollers, Excavators, Trenchers, Scrapers.
  • Power Generation Equipments.
  • Compressed Air Equipments.
  • Welding Transforms
  • Concrete Batching, Conveying, Pumping, & Placing Equipments.
  • Query Equipments.
  • Demolition Equipments.
  • Pipe Laying Equipments.
  • Asphalt Production, Laying, & Compaction Equipments.